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seeing old friends is always a welcomed change of pace! she`s unsure of the last time she`d seen the former prince of daein outside of political affairs, but there`s pleasure in her smile as she bows her head in acknowledgement.

"prince pelleas," she greets. her tone is polite—much too polite and submissive for a queen to address a member of the court with, but micaiah knew better than anyone of how hard old habits die. "what brings me the pleasure of your company?"

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fire emblem’s greatest hips

((forever wishing for dancer reclass for these two))

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Mistaken? No, Kagura was spot on. Boy what a cute girlie she was. Tonight he had struck gold, for certain! However, as clear opposite his black hair was to her white. So were their personalities.

But oh my, does opposites ever attract. The large, muscular man felt himself enthralled to carry on, crossing his arms as his large muscles tensed. 


" Lady, I can reassure you that there have been no mistakes accomplished yet tonight. Tho should you decline my offer, that would be the first one I assure you.
I do not believe it was no mere coincidence that I would lay my eyes on such pristine example of beauty like yourself tonight.”

It’s true, that the night is quite chilly. But the Black Knight was not a quitter, in fact, he could use this to his advantage. As he continued speaking.

" Don’t you find it a bit cold out here alone? A warm meal indoors sounds good enough, no? We’ll have some good food, something good to drink and given the people involved, we’ll have the best company around no doubt. " 

He had to be cautious around this white little rabbit, if he gets too direct maybe he would end up scaring her away. No, the sly fox must lure in their prey till they find themselves in a spot of no return. Only then could he strike. 

ah, so he is a womanizer! there`s something admirable in his pursuit even with icy winds blowing occasionally around them, since the average sensible person is sure to decide in just spending the time indoors. still, given that argument meant there`s something wrong with her, woman wandering around in the cold. even if the temperatures did drop to ridiculous lows, however, the city`s climate is no different than the harsh winters of daein. and men still stumbled out of taverns with flushed faces, hoping to find some company for that evening.

perhaps he isn`t too strange at all. he presents a tempting situation of fine food and a lively evening, and yet…

"that does sounds lovely and all, sir, but… isn`t it a tad cold to be wearing just a single layer of clothing like that?" she asks, blinking her eyes.

a cape like that can do nothing against the cold, especially if his sleeves reaches a mere elbow length. she steps closer and shyly inspects his complexion. with sudden weather changes like this, illness can be sudden, quick, and fatal.


It was as if the scene in front of Amaterasu was a painting; swiftly finished with both grace and diligence. The creature’s life was immediately extinguished by the woman that Ammy was now bestowing her adoration upon. The scratches gifted atop her thick skull instantly caused the vanilla colored hound to melt even more into a stage of pure bliss. Amaterasu made mentioned happiness clear when she tried to deliver even more slobbery kisses to the woman’s chin, mouth and possibly the tip of her nose. The excitement quickly died as Ammy settled down, the warmth in her heart slowly fading as she noted the cold, hard facts. The cold seemed to be getting thicker, biting at her lungs as she breathed. The cold was simply like an invisible, razor edge. The blizzard was a curious thing; causing the wolf to pause and stare and contemplate the sky that was darkened by the thick layers of storm clouds that hid all traces of the evening sky and its’ silver pepper of starlight. 


The wolf’s thinking would be interrupted when the woman spoke soft words in a soft-spoken, fragile voice that humans often used with their young. Despite her hard-headed nature, Amaterasu was a wolf of intelligence and the woman’s question would automatically click in her thick head. It was not only dangerous for her, but it was dangerous for her friend as well! As if responding, she briefly shook her head before attempting to give a light tug on the lady’s garb, as if beckoning her. If this city was as horrible as it seemed to be, it’d be best if they moved on. The city would not be short of evil; varying from the giant that the two had recently felled to the frost biting at their very beings. Shelter would be a necessity tonight, and she was determined to coax the sympathetic woman to start moving with her to.. who knows where. Anywhere but here would be best. 

"hey! someone`s a little too excited, aren`t they?" micaiah responds, her tone light with laughter as the wolf provides her with slobbery affection.

any worry of the red-marked creature suddenly turning upon her dissipates almost immediately, and for once, micaiah finally feels acceptance since she had initially entered the hive. it`s the first time her presence has actually made an impact on someone else`s life—and, even if the wolf can`t speak, it looks to her with grateful eyes. after the onslaught of gratification subsides, she grabs onto the endings of her coat and tugs towards a direction, almost as if she were telling micaiah to keep on moving. although she lacks the mental communication she had with a certain other goddess of whom took animal form, it isn`t hard for her to realize what her friend is telling her. she gives her a nod and rises to her feet, dusting the powdered snow off her knees.

"almost all of the buildings are snowed in. we may have to build a snow cave if another blizzard comes in soon."

the vocalization in thought is for herself for the most part, but her wolf friend gains the benefit of conversation. perhaps she looks strange, babbling to herself and a wild wolf she found moments ago, but micaiah always had a habit of doing odd things in the first place. she gives her companion one last glance before walking off towards the east, the original direction the wolf tugged her cape to.

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blue locks, a billowing cape, the lackadaisical posture followed by a long sword, these are all traits that remind her of a hero that has long left the continent. there are remarkable differences, however; instead of a color scheme of red and blue, this man sported blue and white. his arm is also more exposed than the armor the hero of blue flames donned, revealing a distinctive black mark on his right shoulder almost similar to that of the branded, but it is different in color than hers. her memory is hazy, but she recalls seeing him on a battlefield when an old man summoned her for aid…


"oh, you`re…" micaiah begins, the answer just on the tip of her tongue. "you`re… the general of that company, right? robin is your tactician."

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Branch of Snow || open; event ||


Toto bore the outside world no mind when he stepped into the ‘safety’ of his apartment. He zoned out amidst searching the internet, scalpel flicking this way and that. Maybe he should have paid the world beyond his concentration more attention; he would have noticed the icy cold creeping through the streets. The kind that spared no man nor child a visage of peace.

When all the lights went dark and the AC halted, followed by the computer blinking off, he immediately became aware of the situation. Parts of it anyway.


He clutched the medical instrument as though it were his only means of survival, lithe body moving with the hopes of fending off the freezing chill that had encased every room. Unlike a majority of the mornings in sector 3, this one wasn’t ridden with screams, drunken hollering and the like. Silence made itself a staple here for once, seeping into every nook and cranny it could sink its fangs in.

The hallways beyond his apartment weren’t in any better condition. Windows were readily frothed in blue ice and the whitest snow he’d ever seen, spiderweb cracks causing the glass to creak. Any assault, no matter how minor, would shatter it.

He wasn’t one to indulge in that kind of recklessness…not when he could take the stairs. Doing just that he descended to the lobby on the assumption that the doors wouldn’t be jammed with snow. That very thought was proven wrong when he saw the fluffy substance seeping in through the bottom. What heat remained here was melting some of it, though propping the door open wasn’t a wise decision.


The Deadman retraced his steps to the window; now he had no choice but to break it. On the flip side, the snow would soften his fall — with the additional threat of frostbite setting in.


Scarlet contrails flowed together, embodying a curved blade. Hexagons shone in the darkness as he swung the blade against the frozen glass. It broke into several smaller chunks which chipped away at Toto’s body, all thanks to a threatening, icy gust.

Using the hindered Branch like this wasn’t ideal. Inky blood receded from whence it came, leaving him with the task of hopping out of the building and hoping that the snow would break his fall. Ick, and just as he was hoping he could ease into this body…

other countries on the continent of tellius are blessed with milder climates. if micaiah hadn`t spent so much time in daein, she`s sure that she wouldn`t fair well in this weather and she would perish alone, covered in snow elsewhere. but daein`s harsh winters have molded her into a survivor, and micaiah isn`t the type to keep these skills to herself. the decision of forming a group with her or branching off alone is entirely up to the person themselves, but she had admittedly only ran into one or two stragglers along the way. the city seems vast enough for everyone to be busy huddling themselves inside, which is a safe plan—until resources run scarce.

there`s a lull in the storm that allows micaiah to escape the confines of her apartment building through a much similar means, only she`d descended to the floor closest to the ground as her escape route and kept shelter up in the higher floors. the maiden is in search of a convenience store to gather canned food when she hears a loud crunch behind her. turning her head over her shoulder, she sees beyond the confines of her woolen hood a dent within the snow, with knees and hands poking through the blanket as the only signs of what the source is. rushing over, she quickly realizes what took place just a mere few feet from where she originally stood; from some unknown height, this boy fell from the sky. without waiting for any prompt, she reaches for his hands and pulls him up with all her might until he`s at least sitting up right, fearing the extent of the damage done to his body as a result from the fall.

"are you alright?" she asks breathlessly, her cheeks flushed from the sudden effort. she needs to make sure that he`s conscious first before checking for any concussions or signs of frost bite.

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